NanoIntegris Launches higher-performing Ultra High-Purity Single-Walled Nanotubes: IsoSol-S100

September 1st, 2014- Boisbriand, QC: Raymor-NanoIntegris breaks a new barrier by becoming the world’s first company to commercialize ultra high-purity, polymer-wrapped, semiconducting carbon nanotubes dispersed in organic solvents: IsoSol-S100 TM. This innovative product, offered in powder or solution form, is the first semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotube material on the market with purities exceeding 99.9%.

IsoSol-S100 has the following properties:

  • Can be readily dispersed in a variety of organic solvents such as toluene and xylenes.
  • Polymer/nanotube ratio can be adjusted to less than a factor of four with nanotube concentrations 10X higher than our aqueous dispersions.
  • Displays a 50% greater shelf life, as compared to aqueous surfactant solutions.
  • Allows the production of printed transistors with current ON/OFF ratios on the order to 1.8×106 and mobilities on the order of 30 cm2/(Vs)
  • Is perfectly-suited for commercial ink jet and aerosol jet printing.

IsoSol-100 is based on an RF-plasma grown carbon nanotube source material supplied by Raymor Nanotech at industrial scale. The IsoSol-S100 solutions can be produced at far higher production capacity than density-gradient centrifugation (DGU) or chromatography-based production techniques and at a lower cost. The highly graphitized starting material and low sonication intensity utilized during the extraction process minimizes damage to the nanotubes, allowing the material to exhibit higher crystallinity and longer average lengths of 2µm, as compared to aqueous surfactant-wrapped nanotubes.

The patent-pending polymer-wrapping technique used by Raymor-NanoIntegris was developed by the National Research Council Canada within the Printable Electronics Program. It takes advantage of the selective affinity of conjugated polymers for semiconducting carbon nanotubes and surmounts the capacity bottleneck presented by competing technologies. The IsoSol-S100 material is now available to the academic community and to leading companies working in the field of printed transistors, nanotube-based electronics, and sensors.

About Raymor Industries

Raymor Industries Inc. comprises Raymor Nanotech, an industrial-scale producer of SWCNT, and Nanointegris Technologies- the world’s leading supplier of high mobility semiconductor solutions. These solutions include high-purity, sorted metallic and semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) and graphene. They are used in developing the next generation of transparent conductive coatings, transistors, sensors and photovoltaics, as shown by close to 300 published scientific studies using these advanced materials.