PlasmaTubes Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes – SWCNT

RN-020 Raw SWCNT, RN-220 Purified SWCNT and SPT-220 SuperPurified SWCNT

PlasmaTubes Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes – SWCNT

Using a patented plasma torch process, Raymor Nanotech produces raw single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) at high rates, enabling the lowest prices on the market. As shown by the detailed analysis below, the plasma-grown SWCNT display a high graphitization level, diameters (0.9-1.5 nm) and lengths (0.3-4 μm) close to those of laser- and arc-grown SWCNT. The purity of the raw SWCNT (RN-020) is comparable to the purity of the best arc-discharge SWCNT on the market. The following pages will display the information gathered by thermogravimetric analysis, Raman spectroscopy and optical absorption on the raw (RN-020), purified (RN-220) and SuperPurified (SPT-220) SWCNT. The Super Purified SWCNT (SPT-220) product has a nanotube purity of 95-99%. This material is provided in an aqueous surfactant solution with a nanotube concentration of 0.50 mg CNT/mL and a surfactant-removed thick film.

A brief summary of the measurement protocols as well as a table showing our typical parameters will complete this technical data sheet. Please visit for more details on our prices and our technology. For our semiconducting SWCNT, please visit the product section of our site or You may of course also contact us directly.

1. RN-020 Raw SWCNT
RN-020 Raw SWCNT

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PlasmaTubes Technical Data Sheet We currently offer our nanotube products in two forms: The fluffy, as-produced powder from our Plasma-torch reactors or an aqueous surfactant solution at 1.0 mg CNT's /mL. We disperse the powder product into surfactant in a proprietary process that involves homogenizing sonication. The end result is a stable, concentrated solution that can be utilized for various customer applications.