Plasma Technology

Raymor Industries has developed a globally recognized expertise for the production of single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) using plasma. This expertise allows Raymor to produce high quality SWCNT at industrial volumes. With the contribution of NanoIntegris’ technology, these nanotubes can be separated to extract electronically pure SWCNTs for electronic applications.

Our low cost and high quality PlasmaTubes compare favorably to carbon nanotubes produced by the arc discharge process. They offer a high degree of graphitization, similar lengths and purities and are produced at a sufficient capacity for the demand of large scale commercial applications. Please find further technical details in the product section. The main applications currently in development are transparent conductive layers for electro-static discharge (ESD) or touch screens.

Our current SWCNT production process, developed by the groups of Dr. Simard at the NRC and Dr. Soucy at the University of Sherbrooke, uses a radio frequency induction plasma torch to vaporize carbon black powder or other carbon sources. Controlled cooling of the carbon vapor, in the presence of metal catalysts, leads to the growth of highly graphitized single-wall carbon nanotubes.