Transparent Conductive Ink

Transparent Conductive Ink

We offer a new silver nanowire conductive ink for transparent conductive film applications. Please contact us to inquire about our prices! 

Our non-ITO based, highly conductive transparent ink is based on silver nanowires and does not contain SWNTs. It works well with slot die coating and micro-gravure coating, along with other application techniques.
1 liter of the ink can cover 100 square meters and obtain resistivities of 30 Ω/□ with a coating thickness around 25 μm (~1 mil).
The silver nanowires are dispersed using isopropyl alcohol. Additional solutes include water, ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol, glycerine, and terpilenol.

The following results are based upon a spin coating of our high conductivity ink onto glass cover slips. The average sheet resistance was ~20 Ω/□ with a transparency of 85% for five separate film samples.

Product Specifications

151229_AgNanoWire-Spectra Transparent_conductive_ink_DataTable_3



We currently offer this product as a water-based ink.

For our nanotube-based conductive ink selection, please click here.

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