PureWave Graphene

PureWave Graphene

Our PureWave Graphene Nanoplatelets (GNP) material is composed of thin, highly dispersible 4-7 layer graphene nanoplatelets with very low oxygen and polyaromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) content. The turbostratic and wavy morphology of the material leads to an unequaled ability to be dispersed in a variety of solvents and resins.

Furthermore, the unique plasma process used to grow our PureWave Graphene Nanoplatelets is easy to scale and thus produces a low cost, but high-quality product. Our unique and patent-protected growth process, based on inductively-coupled plasma, allows us to produce this material at over 100 g/hour, enabling commercial graphene applications such as energy storage and conductive inks as well as elastomers and resins.

Using our special milling process, our PureWave Graphene nanoplatelet powder can be effectively dispersed into a water-soluble polymer matrix. This allows for the creation of a material with very advantageous properties at high loadings (up to 8 wt% Graphene) that can be utilized for numerous applications to provide thermal stability, mechanical property enhancement, dielectric constant improvement, and electrical conductivity.



PureWave Graphene specifications

Characterization Summary

TEM Microscopy image of PureWave Graphene Nanoplatelets


FE-SEM of PureWave Graphene


Image by Najia Mahdi of NORCADA

TGA and TGA time derivative of PureWave Graphene Nanoplatelets


Raman spectra acquired at 514nm excitation wavelength


Parameter PureWave Graphene Nanoplatelets (GNP)
G/D ratio from Raman 2
2D/G ratio from Raman 0.8-1
BET Specific Surface Area >250 m2/g
Average Number of Layers 7
Oxygen Content 1%
Average Flake Size 150-200 nm
Average Flake Thickness 2.4 nm
Carbon Content >98%

Safety data sheet (SDS)

Comparative Analysis

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[cml_media_alt id='1551']TechBlick_plan_Raymor_SLE4_NM5-8-768x432[/cml_media_alt]

Product Applications

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[cml_media_alt id='1548']TechBlick_Raymor_PPG_final_2021-04-1513-768x435[/cml_media_alt]

Product Delivery

We currently offer our graphene product as a fine, fluffy powder which can be easily dispersed into numerous solvents and colloidal suspensions.

Additionally, the product is offered as a liquid dispersion into a proprietary solvent system.


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