Transparent Conductive Film – TCF

Transparent Conductive Film – TCF

We offer a new silver nanowire conductive ink for transparent conductive film applications. Please contact us to inquire about our prices!

Product Specifications

Transparent Conductive Film - Specifications


Property Value Unit Test Method
Visible Light Transmission ≥ 77 % Spectrophotometer
Sheet Resistance 25-27 Ω / □ 4-pt Probe Resistivity Meter
Resistance Uniformity ≤ 2 % 4-pt Probe Resistivity Meter
Hue (b value) 0 ≤ b ≤ 4 Spectrophotometer
Haze ≤ 4.0 % Haze Meter
Thickness 125 (5 mil) µm Spiral Micrometer
Width 1220 mm Ruler
Surface Free Energy ≥ 30 J/m2 Contact Angle Measuring System
Heat Shrinkage (Machine Direction) 0.02 % 140°C for 30 minutes
Heat Shrinkage (Transverse Direction) 0.01 % 140°C for 30 minutes
Product Delivery

We currently offer this product as a water-based ink or a solid Transparent Conductive Film coated on a roll of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).

For our nanotube-based conductive ink selection, please click here.

The maximal dimensions are for a roll are 1.22 meters in width by 487 meters in length (48 inches in width by 1600 feet in length). We can customize the TCF size to fit the requirements of your order within our maximal dimensions listed above.

Not quite what you want? Contact us regarding our competitively priced Toll Coating services to provide you with the TCF you have envisioned.


Additional discounts also available for large volume orders.

For more information contact us or call +1-450-434-6266.

TCF Area (m2) Price (USD)
A4 Sheet $100
5 – 50 $75 / m2
50 – 99 $65 / m2
100 – 199 $55 / m2
200+ $45 / m2

TCF-30 Solution