Boron Nitride Nanotubes – BNNT-P

Boron Nitride Nanotubes – BNNT-P

Product Summary

Our unique plasma synthesis process produces high quality BNNT material. This process does not use consumable electrodes or metallic catalysts, and is therefore completely free from metallic contaminants. Our purified BNNT-P is produced using a proprietary process which removes free Boron. It also offers a high concentration of boron nitride nanotubes with small diameter, high crystallinity and high purity.

Product Specifications

Our BNNTs are synthesized using the ICP plasma torch method. Please find a detailed specification sheet here.

Attribute Measurement
BNNT Content > 75 % by Mass
Elemental B (free) < 1 %
Residual Content <24% h-BN and BNH derivatives
Tube Length ≤ 200 µm
Average Nanotube diameter 5nm +/- 2nm
Surface area (BET) > 100 m2/g
Color Crystal White
Electrical Conductivity Large band gap insulator ~5.5 eV
Optical proprieties Can be made transparent in visible and infrared regions
Thermal Stability Stable in highly oxidizing (or corrosive) environments, e.g. ~900 °C in air.
Neutron absorption 767 barns (boron, ninth highest)
Synthesis Inductively coupled plasma synthesis without metal catalysis


Boron Nitride Nanotube Prices
Mass (g) Price per Gram (USD)

0.5-49 $1650
50-99 $1350
100+ $1065

Kilgram price quotes available by request. Additional discounts also available for large volume orders.

For more information contact our Sales Manager at or call +1 -866-650-0482.