Raymor: NanoIntegris

NanoIntegris is the world's leading supplier of High-Mobility Semi-Conductive Ink

Our mission is to drive progress in nanoscience and technology by providing our partners and customers with carbon nanotubes, separated single-wall nanotubes, graphene and nanomaterials that deliver breakthrough results. Reliability, scalability and honesty regarding our specifications are our top priorities when we develop new materials

Raymor: Nanotech

Raymor Nanotech produces very pure and highly graphitized single-wall carbon nanotubes (C-SWNT) with superior physical and chemical properties

Raymor Nanotech C-SWNT offer outstanding quality (graphitization level), high purity and are produced at scale using our patented plasma torch process. They are used in electronic applications such as transparent conductive films and sensors.

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